KIRKLAND, WA-- Oct 15, 2015 - XKL LLC, a leading-edge provider of fiber optic networking systems, announces it has partnered with INOC, a global leader in the NOC services industry, to enable regional and national dark fiber providers to supply managed services. The partnership brings a new level of managed service to enterprises and municipalities who are in search of more cost-effective long-term bandwidth.

"INOC has deep expertise in monitoring and managing optical networks," states Hal Baylor, Director of Business Development at INOC. "Under it all, you need fiber and reliable transport equipment, and we look forward to working more with XKL's DarkStar systems. The interface is simple and familiar, and the appliances are quick to install and very easy to upgrade. Since we will not only be deploying but also monitoring and supporting the equipment, we need solutions that won't give us any surprises."

INOC engineers are experts in a wide range of optical network technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet, SONET, Fibre Channel DWDM, GPON, MPLS, PBB and OTN. From equipment failures to fiber cuts, INOC's NOC quickly resolves thousands of service disruptions for network providers 24x7 globally.

"We have had a long and beneficial relationship with INOC," says Chad Lamb, Director of Engineering at XKL. "They have always exemplified superior NOC practices and continue to go above and beyond to meet their customers' needs. The level of networking expertise INOC brings is unparalleled. I am pleased that the simplicity and manageability of our optical networking systems combined with INOC's NOC support helps dark fiber providers support enterprises and municipalities very cost-effectively."

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About INOC:
INOC is an IOS 27001 certified 24x7 NOC and an award-winning global provider of outsourced optical and other infrastructure monitoring, reporting and support services. INOC cost-effectively integrates 24x7 NOC support into a client's existing support operation to deliver greater uptime. For more information on INOC and its services, send an email to or call +1-877-NOC-24X7 (+1-877-662-2497). You will also find additional information on our website,INOC.COM, or by following INOC on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

About XKL:
A privately owned research and engineering company, XKL LLC provides DWDM appliances and optical networking systems for robust enterprise deployment, service providers, and cloud migration. The DarkStar product suite offers a modern optical transport alternative for private/public cloud solutions, data center networks, Internet exchanges, campus/metro networks, and long-haul networks. XKL is owned by Cisco Systems co-founder Len Bosack. The company is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. For more information, visit



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    INOC is an ISO 27001:2013 certified 24×7 NOC and an award-winning global provider of NOC Lifecycle Solutions®, including NOC optimization, design, build, and support services for Enterprises, Communications Service Providers, and OEMs. INOC solutions significantly improve the support provided to partners and clients’ customers and end-users. INOC assesses internal NOC operations to improve efficiency and shorten response times, and provides best practices consulting to optimize, design, and build NOC operations, frameworks, and procedures. Proactive 24x7 NOC support is provided with several options, including, North America, EU or APAC only, or with global integrated NOCs. INOC’s 24×7 staff provides a hands-on approach to incident resolution for technology infrastructure support. For more information on INOC and its services, email or call +1-877-NOC-24X7 (+1-877-662-2497).


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