Case Study Examines How INOC Helped a Data Center Provider Build Operational NOC Capacity

NORTHBROOK, IL, OCTOBER 26, 2015 INOC, a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and global provider of technology infrastructure monitoring, reporting and support services, has published a case study, “How INOC Helped Build Operational Capacity, Reduce Response Time for a Large Data Center Company,” now available online. The case study spotlights INOC’s work with a large data center, colocation and interconnection provider with more than 20 facilities across the United States.

The company featured in the case study had outgrown its ongoing network support and operational capacity, and needed a more sophisticated network management toolset. To provide the level of service demanded by its customers, the provider decided to build an in-house NOC. However, it did not have internal expertise for such an undertaking, nor the time to determine which toolsets were appropriate. In addition, an interim solution was needed to manage the company’s increasingly complex network environment, including optical, routing, switching and security. The key was to provide high-quality service without compromising the company’s brand or customer confidence. INOC was selected to help on these and other urgent technological and customer-driven exigencies.

As the case study recounts, INOC was initially engaged to help the company with 24x7 network monitoring and management support because the INOC team was able to bring a high level of technical expertise and the ability to integrate into the company’s processes and workflow. Inbound support calls were answered securely and efficiently under the company’s own brand, while INOC’s support enabled the company to design and build its planned state-of-the-art NOC and redundant operations center. As a result, the company’s incident response time and customer service improved considerably. With a well-documented process in place, its in-house NOC now provides high-level, 24x7 support for customers. INOC’s monitoring systems also allowed for greater visibility across multiple networks and accurate tracking of support metrics. With cross-connects in its Meet-Me Room as a gauge, the company grew in tens of thousands of cross-connects in two years. By enlisting INOC’s support, the company was also able to scale to this growth and better prepare for the future.

INOC combines state-of-the-art software technology, highly resilient and redundant NOC infrastructure, proven processes and expert technical staff to improve uptime, availability and performance of customer networks, applications and servers. To download INOC’s case study, click here. To learn more about INOC, visit INOC.COM.

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